Actify Automotive Program Management suite announced

Actify has announced a new addition to our product family that builds on our SpinFire and Centro products and our deep partnership with customers in the automotive supply chain. The new suite, called Actify Automotive Program Management (APM), is a first-in-class application specifically designed to support the supplier teams who manage the end-to-end automotive program lifecycle. Join us to learn more about Actify’s new Automotive Program Management (APM) suite if like many of our customers, you find that your program teams who bear responsibility for customer success and margin achievement use only basic office software to perform their critical role. While their ERP, CAD, PLM, and other business systems serve other needs and other departments, there is no equivalent system that provides the cross-system data integration, and enterprise team collaboration that is essential for program management.

To provide you with much more information, Actify has scheduled two 1-hour customer webinars for which you can register now. We hope you will be able to attend one of the events so that you can participate and get direct answers to your questions.