Automotive Program Management (APM)

Auto suppliers are different

As a top tier supplier, your company runs to the rhythm set by your customers. Whether it’s a new model, a new model year, or a midstream design change, they set the beat, and your company must react and respond.

And the beat keeps getting faster. More models with shorter lifespans mean more bids, smaller production runs, and always less time to respond.

This is where you win or lose

Your program management team is the nerve center and control room of your company. They are the ones that orchestrate all the departments, communicate across the organization, and collate data on every aspect of program and product to win you the business, launch the program, and meet or beat your delivery and margin goals. During the critical pre-award and launch phases of a program lifecycle, and through the first 90 days of production, its program managers who run the show.

Where’s your system?

You’ve invested heavily in your ERP and CAD systems, maybe PLM, too. And they do the job they are designed to do for their target organizations. But these systems know parts, and they model many types of manufacturing, but not your type of manufacturing.

Program-based Manufacturing.

So, if you’re like most auto suppliers, to get the customer and program focused workflow, status and insights you need, you turn to standard office tools to run your most critical processes.

Actify Automotive Program Management

Actify is a new and far better way to enable your program management team. Actify dispenses with the frustration, inefficiency and inaccuracy of outdated and overwhelmed office tools.

With Actify Automotive Program Management, there’s no need to replace the enterprise software you use today. Actify connects and communicates with your ERP, CAD and other systems. It’s based on technology that can intelligently ingest customer files and CAD designs and allows program teams across the enterprise to interact intuitively with the information they need without even knowing the source involved.

Visibility and Control

Actify adapts your enterprise systems to provide the customer and program-oriented view those systems lack. From executive reporting to detailed gate workflow and status, Actify provides the visibility you need to manage your business with speed, accuracy, and confidence. 

 Actify gives you the visibility and control to meet the new challenges of program-based manufacturing.


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