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10:30 AM (BST)
11:30 AM (EDT)

Necessary data no longer resides inside one application.

Traditionally the data required for operational reporting came from one system inside the organisation, this is no longer the case.  Multiple data sources, file types, departments or devices provides a growing challenge to effectively govern and manage data.

Unleash the benefits of data access.

During this webinar we will discuss why data discovery is essential for success.  Actify Centro provides the architecture necessary to enable data discovery within your organisation.

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Actify, Inc. is 100% focused on delivering solutions that revolutionizes the way product data and product information is managed and shared across the enterprise and throughout the development lifecycle.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise.  Today, Actify provides a unified platform that significantly speeds up enterprise data access everywhere and overcomes the challenge of sharing engineering type data.